Shahryar "Shaun" Sadree, Broker Associate

Shaun Profile1

My name is Shahryar (shah-ree-are) Sadree (sad-ree), but friends call me Shaun. My attention to detail resulted in very amazing achievements. From a career in music to the international rock and stone artist known as "The Landscape Artist!" During my time sculpting land into unique and functioning works of art, I worked one on one with homeowners and real estate professionals.  I didn't think back then, that I would ever become a realtor. But after decades of back-breaking work (moving tons of rock and stone), I finally decided to do some other things that led to the opportunity for me to begin my journey into this as a career.

I've been fortunate to have family and friends in the real estate industry, so I was familiar with it before I got my sales associate license.  In little time, I immersed myself into the deep end learning commercial and residential, vacant land investment properties and I successfully closed two 1031 exchanges in a very hot market!  

Aside going for my broker's license, which I successfully obtained in July of 2023, my focus has been on getting ahead of foreclosures and short sales. Life is all about better positioning.  Sometimes when people slip into a bad situation and emotions get in the way of better judgement, a good friend can make the difference between a catastrophic fall and a bump in the road.  My friends look to me for solutions because that's what I am good at.

I have been coaching small businesses and individuals who own them for several years now. Google my name and you can see what I've been doing.

My passion is in helping others achieve what they didn't think was possible.  I’ve been helping people find the things they thought didn’t exist.  Finding a buyer or a seller with my skill set shouldn’t be too difficult.  Call me today and let’s talk details.  I will deliver you the results with passion and integrity.

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