Why Buy Now?

If you are wondering why buying a home or property is a good idea right now, then you will want to read this short, but to the point article.  

First Time Buying a Home?

If you're new to the real estate game, but want to secure some stability for yourself and your family, then you found the right people to help you with your first one!  We're not here to sell you a house.  Our mission here is to help you find a home that you will be be happy with for many years to come!  If you have been looking and can't seem to find what you are looking for, Then read this short article.  It really helps to have a friend that knows a good strategy.

First Time Buying?


Welcome Home!

Whether you live in Dade City, San Antonio, or Zephyrhills, you probably have heard of, or know Paul Midili. This is a community of kind people with strong roots and virtues. If you are looking for a place to call home, this area is a cozy place to come home to! People are very friendly here, and for a good reason. A community that can come together to support one another will overcome anything! Let's be honest, the world hasn't been a very kind place in most parts of it. But here in this area, things are a bit different. If you want a country lifestyle or a luxurious experience, there is something for everyone!


We are more than the average experience you get from a realtor.  Think of our agents as a friend you know that will help you through the buying or selling process.  When it comes to real estate, experience matters.  Knowing the process is important.  Negotiation skills are important too, but working with a high standard of ethics, so both the buyer and seller win every time... well, that is most important, because integrity matters! 


We have all of that.  And if we run into something new, we will find a solution that always works best for you.  We have been involved in the buying and selling of real estate for many decades.  In this digital age of information, where everything has gone online, it became obvious that to grow, we had to join the community online...so here we are!  We have a strong reputation in the Dade City area, here in Florida.  Our agents here all work under a strict code of ethics, and work together as a family.  Paul Midili, or "Dad," as he is often referred to, has a vision he would like to manifest.  That vision is just another amazing contribution to society made by this amazing individual!

Nothing has value without integrity

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that every deal made brought the perfect buyer to the prefect seller!  This is where everyone wins!  Our reward is brokering such a perfect transaction!  Excellence is having an agent you can count on night and day when the opportunity is there to win!  These aren't just words... try us if you think we are kidding.  Dad only has one rule here, and that is the "Golden" one.  We are here to serve you.

Luxury Living in the Area!

If the city life is something you prefer, consider that in a luxurious setting!  Lagoon Communities are becoming popular. And we have a few in the area. Ask us about them! We will be glad to show you anything you like.  The video below is a promotional video for Mirada.

If you choose to go there without us, mention to them that you found Mirada on this website, and let us know you did!