About Paul Midili Realty


Paul Midili Realty has been around for a long while and has been serving the Dade City/ San Antonio/ Zephyrhills area since 1969.  The agency has been in tact long before this mission to go online.  Paul Midili, is a name many in this area are familiar with.  His contribution to this community goes far beyond what anyone would consider to be "average."  People who know him well will tell you that Paul, is a very kind soul.  One whos kindness transcends words.  His reputation for being the golden rule in practice, is very consistent and rock solid. Paul and his sons, John and Pat, have been operating as a family business for quite some time.

By 2022, John Midili reached out to a friend, Shaun (Shahryar Sadree), for some help taking the family business online. Shaun's experience with web programs go way back to the beginning of the internet prior to 1991. This venture is only another chapter in an ongoing legacy.

Technology is never going to replace the human element, unless we humans allow that to happen.  Some people think artificial intelligence will some day replace actual intelligence.  Real estate, like everything else has gone digital.  Buying and selling are human connections that can be enhanced by using technology.  But, the connections made between buyer and seller are still very much human.

Today, the Midili family has taken Shaun, as one of their own.  These four men are on a mission to grow the vision of Paul Midili, and bring ethics and integrity back into the heart of society...one community at a time!

Humble Beginnings

Here is where the story begins...