Patrick Midili, Sales Associate

Pat Profile

Patrick Midili was born and raised in San Antinio, Florida. He and John are the third generation to grow up in San Antonio.  Patrick’s son, Paull is the fourth to drop roots in the Dade City, Zephyrhills, and Wesley Chapel area.

In Patrick’s Own Words

I am a strong believer in family and community. My father taught me the value of giving back to the community that we call home.  I started a food ministry that helped the unfortunate around Tampa Bay.  It started in Westly Chapel and ended up back in San Antonio. Floridians are my extended family. I really want to be a resource for anyone who comes to me for my service.  Coming from a humble farmer’s background, I love to watch things grow.  It really makes me happy to see the fruits of my labor blossom. This philosophy has served me well in family, community, and business alike.

Growth of a Community

I’ve noticed how much growth this area has seen over the years.  Dade City was a lot more agricultural back then, but over time more people started to see the charm of country living and decided to call it home.  Real estate is in my life-blood. It always has been.  This agency was always dad’s thing.  But now as much as he is still very active, it is time for me and John to do more and let him see us grow.  Integrity is our family trademark.  So, working with the very best minds who think in the direction of integrity only makes sense to me.  Dad taught us that you are only as strong as your word, so integrity matters!