The real estate market is slow at the moment.  Finding a listed property in the area you would like to be in, the size and specifications you are looking for may be tough to find right now.  So, what is the right move?  Hope for something to pop up or quit looking altogether?  That is an option most people do in this situation.  After all, if there aren’t homes listed that meet your needs then why buy?  Although that sounds like a logical thing to do, what If I told you there was another option?  One that puts YOU in control of the market?  If you are thinking of stepping up and are here to learn more about buying off market homes, then you found the right link!

Is This Something New?

There’s nothing new under the sun!  Buying off market homes isn’t a new concept.  Professional home buyers commonly practice this strategy to avoid multiple offers and get the advantage from the buyer’s end.  Most realtors are not aware of this because for most of them, “sink or swim” is all they have for training.  Only a select few will pay a coach to show them the ways of what professionals did long before the MLS came into existence. 

Giving You the Advantage Over Other Buyers

Having more knowledge will give you an advantage in any game you play.  Ethically, both buyer and sell must benefit from any transaction.  So, if you think this is an unethical approach to buying.  Let me stop your mind right here by saying, The goal is ALWAYS for a win on both sides. 

As a seller:  Maybe the sale is necessary to move forward with your life.  A divorce, a death in the family, foreclosure, or maybe you are just looking for a change in scenery or need more space.  If you were approached by us and any of these scenarios fit your current situation, we can do the same for you.

As a buyer:  If you have been looking at what is available and can’t seem to find the home you are looking to buy, or you are being outbid by someone with more money or experience, let us find the one you are looking for.  It’s easy and it won’t cost you to go and look at something that other buyers don’t know anything about!

Here is How it Works

We do it by way of teamwork!  That’s how we make it happen.  After an initial meeting (because we must verify that you are real (to a seller), we will set a plan and our agents will begin the search.  Once a viable seller is found, we will set up a private showing only for you. 

Contact us by Entering your Name, email, and phone.  Then hit the “Submit”  button.  There is no obligation to buy anything.  But if you are seriously looking but can’t find anything, we’re sure you will want to stay in close contact to the team working for you, right?  Strong communication will ensure we are both speaking from the same page.  We are offering you this opportunity and all we need to get started is 1% of your trust.  We have no problem earning the other 99%!